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“The staff is talented, creative and attentive to campers. Some of the very best counselors in town!”

Musical: Leaders in Training​
Ages 13-18

July 3 - 28, 2018
Aplication+ Program (see below)
9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Take your passion for Musical Theatre to the next level and experience the incredibly rewarding experience of being a Leader!

The Ryerson Performance Youth and Community programs are seeking 16 dedicated Musical Theatre Leaders in Training. This program will have 3 main focuses:

Musical Theatre Master Classes: Learn from our professional music director and choreographer. Work in a small group developing rehearsal and performance techniques. Practice solo and ensemble singing and dancing. The master classes will culminating in the presentation of a Musical Theatre number as part of our Musical Performance on July 21nd, and July 28th, 2018.

Leadership Training: develop key leadership skills including, communication, teamwork, trust, risk taking, time management, and planning. Leadership activities and games will call upon participant's’ unique leadership styles, and challenge them to grow their abilities. With the help and supervision of our expert counsellors, develop your own activity to share with our younger students.

Behind the Scenes: Learn the inner workings of what it takes to bring a musical from page to stage. Specialty workshops from our in-house director, stage manager, designers, wardrobe team, and theatre technicians. Try your hand at theatre production and experience for yourself the excitement of “tech week”. This section will culminate in working as “running crew” for our Musicals on July 21st and 28th.


Musical: Leaders in Training is an Application+ Program, meaning it requires successful submission of additional materials to gain admittance. See below for the requirments:

First Time Applicants: To be considered for the Musical LIT program please submit a letter of reference (from a teacher, coach, community leader, etc.), and write a short letter of application (max 1 page). In your letter, consider discussing:

  • Your past experience in musical theatre
  • An example of a time when you took on a leadership role
  • Why you are hoping to be a part of this program
  • How you plan on making use of leadership skills in other activities at school or in your community

Returning LITs: For those who participated in Musical LIT's 2017, write a short letter of application (max. 1 page) outlining what skills you gained last year, and why you hope to return. Also submit a creative piece in response to the theme "Leadeship through the Arts". This creative piece can take on any form you like (eg. poem, short film, visual art, musical submission, dance piece, etc!). 

Email submission to with subject line “Musical LIT Application+” by June 15th. Offers of admission to the program are made on a rolling basis. Expect a response within 2 weeks of submitting your materials.

Submissions will be considered on a rolling basis. Please get in touch if you plan on submitting or would like more information.

*Program fee for participants aged 15 and up will be subject to 13% HST*
Early Care starting at 8:00 am in  available for $25.00 a week.
After Care until 6:00 pm in available for $35.00 a week.