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“It’s a safe space where you can explore new things and put yourself out there without the fear of being judged. I've never been to a camp with such a positive/supportive environment, and it's been really great.”

-Summer Programs Student

Programs for Youth
The Ryerson Performance Youth & Community Programs offer day-camp, intensive, and workshop experiences for children and teenagers. The focus of all our programs is to develop confidence, imagination, teamwork, and acting skills through theatrical play and exploration. By welcoming youth to the world of the stage, we hope to instil in them a value for art and true human connection. We are committed to helping each of our students shine, and feel confident in their individual abilities.

In all of our programs we dedicate the first few days to getting to know our participants. This ensures that we are able to tailor our program experiences to them and their unique abilities. We then work to find a way to help every student leave each day feeling confident and proud of what they are learning and accomplishing at Ryerson PYC. For some of our students, merely standing up in front of their peers and saying their name aloud is a challenge. We make sure to celebrate these victories just as enthusiastically as when others sing and dance on the big stage in front an audience. Our programs are non-competitive and highlight the benefits of working together as a team. 

Along with this, we offer high-quality training programs to teenagers with a keen interest in the dramatic arts. We aim to provide the teens with as many experiences as possible during their time at Ryerson PYC, including classical theatre techniques and modern practices.

Programs are located at 345 Yonge St.

Ontario Camps Association Accredited Member. "Camps Parents Trust"

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