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Sun and Moon Marionettes

By Kira Duff and Sophie Moynan

For our graduating independent study project we (Sophie and Kira) decided to hand craft two stage ready puppets. We have both been interested in the designing of puppets, and marionettes in particular, as a story telling device. This project enabled us to showcase a variety of our collective skills and techniques that we have developed over the past four years. Making puppets provided us with a creative challenge involving researching methods that industry professionals use. Our initial goal was to design and create at least two working puppets that were fit for use in a performance. This involved considering material choices, making movable joints, and then actualizing it. This project required mentors that were knowledgeable and able to provide guidance through our process. As a group project we heavily relied on time management and communication to make sure our project became a cohesive effort. Developing our concept led to us co designing our puppets so that they were from the same production. Our final puppets resulted in two detailed and decorated rod puppets, one representing the personification of the moon and the other, the sun.