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Pulling Teeth

By Audrey Clairman & Sebastian Biasucci

It feels like we have hundreds of tv shows about ER'S popping up all the time, with these brilliant doctors & nurses saving lives and looking like models doing it. So we thought, "Wait, what about the other guys - the doctors who most of us are either unhappy or downright terrified to visit? The ones hacking away at our teeth about once a year?" Well, for the 2017 New Voices Festival, fourth year actors Sebastian Biasucci and Audrey Clairman - along with a stellar team of thirty-two actors and crew - are delving into the often untapped, unthanked professional world of dentistry! But, of course, we're doing this with a million crazy twists. Our original one-act show, Pulling Teeth, is an absurdist comedy that follows Thomas Ferry, a guy with an unusual dream, as he navigates his journey of both becoming and being a dentist. We watch Tom's hilariously bizarre (and kind of tragic) downward spiral, from the dreaming he did as a kid to his adult realization that his dream didn't pan out how he had hoped it would - at all. Living in the shadow of another dentist, and having kooky patients relentlessly complain, pushes Tom to start taking nitrous gas - and from there, his career and sanity go totally sideways! Is Tom actually a great dentist who just, unfortunately, is always under-appreciated and rejected? Or is he actually losing his mind and simply unfit for the job? You'll be able to decide for yourself when New Voices kicks off in early April!

The Pulling Teeth brainchild was born out of the two of us asking people in our lives who are connected to dentistry, "So, why dentistry?" It's perhaps a bit difficult as energetic artists to grasp why somebody would want to choose a seemingly claustrophobic, repetitive career of staring into and poking at mouths. Is it because of the good paycheques? Or is it because of certain desires we are totally oblivious to? Through the telling of Tom's story, we hope to find some answers to all of our why's - and we're also aiming to help remove some of the common dentistry stigmas or misconceptions that many of us buy into. After all - dentists need love, too. And we're working to convey all of this in a funny, quirky, and ridiculously nutty way. As we move through rehearsals, a lot of which are collaboration/improv-based, we figure out how to better capture the spirit of this big cast in our big onstage interpretation of a dentist office. On this adventure, it has been so important to both of us to have every member of our artistic team build this silly world alongside us, not for us. Those behind our set, lights, sounds, performances - they all have something giant to contribute to make our story come alive. All thirty-four of us, together, are charting the unknown waters of dentistry, and we couldn't be happier.

You can catch us on two nights of the New Voices Festival - April 3rd and April 8th in the second acts. The show is mounting at the Ryerson Theatre Mainstage, located at 43 Gerrard St. East. We hope to see your faces! And maybe, just maybe, seeing our show will get you to finally floss.  
- Audrey & Sebastian, creators of Pulling Teeth

Cast  Crew

Alex Aoki - Tom
Veronica Hortiguela - Beth
Sydney Herauf - Brad
Sydney Owchar - Nelly
Sean Laird - Tooth
Josie Jakubowski, Mary Paterson, Marina DiPelino - Toothettes
Kierstyn Penney - Mrs. Paterson
Vitan Pravtchev - Blazinthifer
Jonathan Gordon - Child 1, Angry Patient 4, Voice of Mr. Rex
Mattie Driscoll - Child 2, Tasha, Princess
Thomas Fournier - Child 3, Mr. Jeffries, Peter Mansbridge
Dylan Izzy Worth - Child 4, Chief, Angry Patient 3
Kate Martin - Child 5, Vet Kyra Van
Den Enden - Child 6, Angry Patient 1
Daniel Krmpotic - Mordecai, Hermie the Elf
Anastasia Pioro - Kathleen, Angry Patient 2
Laura Hamel - Beverly, Bitch Mom
Tori Stewart - Teacher, Mr. Rex

Christine Luksts - Stage Manager
Scott Phyper - Assistant Stage Manager
Una Wabinski - Production Manager
Katrina Grogan-Kalnuk - Choreographer
Steve Wilsher - Fight Director
Daniel Krmpotic - Fight Captain
Noah Feaver - Lighting Designer
Noah Langer - Sound Designer
Ivy Mazariegos - Set Designer
Kyle Maenz - Costume Designer
Ria Ostrowski - Head of Wigs, Hair, Makeup
Liz Lee - Head of Wardrobe & Head Dresser
Beth Dobson - Head of Props, Paints, Carpentry Emma Alderman - Paints & Carpentry Assistant