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Production of Eurydice

By Robynne Harder

Eurydice, by Sarah Ruhl, is a story about love, loss, and what it is to truly feel. It is absurd. It is poetic. It is UNIQUE. And so are all the artists involved. We are students at the Ryerson School of Performance who have chosen to explore this story, using the talents and skills we have gained at school. We are the designers, directors, actors, production teams, administrators and ARTISTS of tomorrow, and we have a tremendous amount to share.

Eurydice is a modern theatrical adaptation of the ancient Greek tragedy of Orpheus and Eurydice. Unlike the Greek version, which follows Orpheus' story, this play highlights the character of Eurydice and explores her journey through life and the Underworld. Eurydice analyzes all the forms love and loss can take in a witty, absurd, and poignant manner.

This project is both a collaborative Independent Study project and a labour of love. We are using this play as a means to push ourselves and to explore what we are capable of as artists.  We believe, given the resources, we can create something beautiful that will uphold the same standard as a professional theatre company. We are putting into practice what we have been studying at school, and using this project as a platform to launch ourselves into the industry.

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Produced and Directed by Robynne Harder
Megan Cinel - Set Designer 
Angela Cabrera - Costume Designer 
Noah Feaver - Lighting Designer 
Landon Doell - Composer 
Kira Duff - Hair & Makeup

Kyra Van Den Enden as Eurydice 
Nicholas Dolan as Orpheus 
Dallas Ensing as Father
Alex Aoki as Lord of the Underworld
Kate Martin as Big Stone
Anastasia Pioro as Little Stone
Slavic Rogozine as Loud Stone

Cameron Chase - Production Manager
Rebecca Walsh - Stage Manager
Melanie Nablo - Assistant Stage Manager
Aaron Dell - Technical Director
Andre Emond - Scenic Carpenter
Elizabeth Elwood - Movement Coach
Sophie Moynan - Props 
Kyle Maenz - Head of Wardrobe
Susanna Feng - Cutter
Cailtin Cooke - Dresser
Kira Duff - Hair & Makeup
Matthew Sirna - Technician 
Victoria VanderPlaat - Marketing and Design Coordinator
Lily Cardiff - Box Office Coordinator 
Scott Phyper - Public Relations
Beth Friend - Social Media Coordinator