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By Katherine Cappellacci

“There was an accident; the air locked,
he was hung in the river like a heart.
They retrieved the swamped body,
cairn of my plans and future charts,
with poles and hooks
from among the nudging logs.
It was spring, the sun kept shining, the new grass
leapt to solidity;
my hands glistened with details.”
–Death of a Young Son by Drowning by Margaret Atwood

Howling explores the grieving process of a woman, her husband, and their six-year old daughter. Cassy, Lou and Girl live on St. Joseph’s Island in remote northern Ontario where Lou works as a hunting guide. Cassy and Lou’s four-year-old son tragically drowned in the lake that their property backs on to. Six months later, Cassy and Lou are trying to put their lives back together. Cassy’s only solace has been Ned, a local police officer who found her son’s body. Cassy’s inability to reconnect with her family has pushed her make a big change…a rebirth. Meanwhile, their daughter is having nightmares about a wolf.

A story about luck, loss, and facing your monsters, this play examines a person’s resilience – whether they fight or take flight. As they go through this unspeakable loss, each family member has to decide what they can withstand for the sake of family, and when they cannot bear it any longer.

In our rehearsals, the cast and crew often talk about this – how and when a parent can be selfish, and when they must sacrifice themselves for their family. Some think that personal sacrifice is necessary in order to raise children, while others suggested that under justifiable circumstances, one could put themselves above their family. Throughout the process, we have been asking questions like these in order to delve into the true, human traits that can emerge when bearing the weight of trauma. 

Howling premiers at the Ryerson Theatre (44 Gerrard St. E) on April 6th at 8PM.

Elizabeth Adams - Cassy
Sean Laird - Lou
Larua Hamel - Girl
Daniel Krmpotic - Ned
Ariana Marquis - Madam Virtue

Mac Rowcliffe - Stage Manager
Sara Maclennan-Nobrega - Assistant Stage Manager
Chandos Ross - Head of Props
Veronica Georgieva - Sound Designer
Emilie Trimbee - Lighting Designer
Producer - Ariana Marquis
Playwrite/Director/Producer - Katherine Cappellacci