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Enola Gay

By Alexander Steele Zonjic

Co-Produced by: Sydney Owchar

The Enola Gay was a Boeing B-29 Superfortress bomber infamously flown towards the end of the Second World War. It was selected mid-conception on the assembly line by Colonel Paul Tibbets (the future pilot), sealing its fate and legacy in its young ages of construction before it was even completed. Named after Paul Tibbets' mother, on August 6th 1945, the Enola Gay during the final stages of the war became the first aircraft to drop an atomic bomb, code-named, Little Boy. Nobody onboard the plane knew how powerful the bomb was. Colonel Paul Tibbets reflects on the explosion by saying, “In a microsecond, the city of Hiroshima didn't exist.” An irreversible act that showed the world a level of violence yet to have been thought possible. Fueled by hatred and seeking revenge for the attacks, torture and violence perpetrated by the Japanese in the war years prior, the atomic bomb was the last piece of horrific retaliation to end the war. This attack showed for the first time in history the true chaos and level of violence that the downward spiral of man-made aggression and hate could inflict.  By the second atomic mission towards the originally targeted Kokura, the Enola Gay, acting as a weather reconnaissance aircraft, ran into heavy smog and smoke from the fires burning below. The sheer amount of chaos caused by the war had completely blinded the crew members in the airspace above. Amidst the confusion, the aircraft decided to, instead of aborting the mission, hit a secondary target Nagasaki. This second attack causing destruction at level equal to the prior attack on Hiroshima. Colonel Paul Tibbets according to interviews speaks of having no regrets. He claims he defended himself and his country to the best of his abilities which he points out was his job and purpose.           

The stories surrounding Enola Gay are filled with prophecy and philosophical poeticism. They comprise the central themes and motifs of my piece. Chiefly, the idea of being lost and confused in a moral fog, made up of one's own past and destruction, moments before the decision to commit an irreversible and devastatingly violent act. In seeking revenge how far will one go, and how far is too far?

With these ideas, concepts and the story of the Enola Gay to preface my piece, the narrative is a story about three young men. The first two, Justin and Trevor, are sitting on a couch in Trevor's garage on the popular social dating app Grindr. Set on Halloween night, Justin and Trevor are, at first glance, humorously and innocently seeking companionship for the evening. They chat nonchalantly about how to charm their matches and to get someone over to the house for the evening to have a fun night. As the night progresses, however, things take a turn and crueller intentions are revealed. Inspired by true events and set against an urban, gritty landscape Enola Gay hopes to parallel the story of the infamous bomber with a modern twist for the digital age.

Daniel Krmpotic - Director
Scott Phyper - Stage Manager
Helin Gungoren - Production Manager
Jeremy Paquette - Technical Director/Lighting Designer
Sarah Beuhner - ATD/Set Designer
Tatiana Ferreria - Head of Props
Ace Oputu - Costume Designer
Noah Izak Langer - Sound Designer
Andre Emond - Head of Carpentry
Kristin Saddy - Videographer

Dylan Worth
Ryan Tapley
Alexander Steele Zonjic