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By Scott Kuipers

An Acting piece, part of the 2016 New Voices Festival. 

A message from the writer:
"I began writing Coyotes two and a half years before its opening night. After thirteen or fourteen drafts I finally tapped into the core truth of this story, and the rest fell to the side; Charlie, a young gay man living with his alcoholic father, struggles to move forward when he finds out he has a child of his own on the way. The story attempts to unearth the often harsh and overwhelming realities of growing up queer in a rural town." 

Cast and Crew: 
Cast: Allie Macdonald, Marc Blanchard, Sana Asad, James Gerus, Scott Kuipers, Hannah Gordon

Poster Designed by: Scott Kuipers, produced by Hanz Krauss
Set Design and execution: Electa Porado
Photo credit: Veronica Georgieva