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Patrizia Ferlisi

Patrizia Ferlisi Patrizia Ferlisi is a Toronto & Vaughan-based dance artist committed to advocating for dance education and dance appreciation in her community. Mrs. Ferlisi holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from York University, a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Ryerson University, and was taught by many of the leading dance educators in Canada. As a dancer, Patrizia has worked with, and performed the works of, renowned companies & choreographers including: Cirque Du Soleil, Mia Michaels, Travis Wall, Cadence Contemporary Ballet, Roberto Campanella, Debra Brown, Conteur Dance Company, The Dance Migration, Larchaud Dance and Newton Moreas Dance Theatre. Throughout her career, she has had the privilege of touring Brazil, U.S.A, Europe, & the United Kingdom, both as a performer and teacher.

Currently, Patrizia is on faculty at many of Toronto’s leading Colleges, teaching an array of dance based subjects, including: George Brown College teaching: Intro to Dance Careers & Contemporary Repertoire, Conteur Dance Academy teaching Dance History, Intro to Movement Analysis, and Critical Issues in Dance, and Centennial College teaching Jazz Dance. Her classes and choreography has been labeled as dynamic, bold and distinct.

To compliment the many facets of her career, she is a co-founder & coartistic director of Lady Luck Productions Arts and Entertainment Group (2009), & Perspective Dance Youth Ensemble (2015), as well, she is the sole founder & artistic director of Zdance Movement (2015). All three thriving companies focus on performances, choreography & dance education in all the different realms of dance, from commercial to concert dance.

During the summer of 2015, she had the honour of collaborating with Emmy Award winning choreographer Debra Brown, for the 2015 Panamania performances for the Toronto Pan AM Games. And this July of 2016 she was the rehearsal director, and collaborator, on an original show for 7Sould as a part of the Toronto Jazz Festival.

Patrizia is always interested in collaborative projects and any experiences that will allow her to hone her craft as a teacher and as a performer.
Key Memberships: Council of Ontario Drama and Dance Education (Code), National Dance Education Organization (NDEO), Dance Ontario, Canadian Dance Assembly (CDA), York Region Arts Council (YRAC)

Patrizia would like to thank all of her past educators & peers for their guidance and inspiration. A special thank you to past Ryerson University President Sheldon Levy who wrote Patrizia a congratulatory and inspirational letter upon her graduating from Ryerson University. This letter has been a constant reminder of why she must continue to educate & inspire her students and audiences.