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Welcome to the School of Performance, Canada’s premier university-based conservatory training program for acting, dance, and technical production. Our fiercely talented students come to us from all over Canada, North America and beyond. Our graduates work in Canada’s most significant theatre and dance companies, take part in national tours; they work on and off Broadway, and even in London’s West End. A number of our graduates start their own dance, theatre, and production companies. Many do both.

Training the next generation of performing artists is a commitment that the faculty and staff of the School of Performance take seriously. Our dedicated faculty and staff ensure that the training offered to our students in the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performance (Acting, Dance and Production) is amazing and that their successes are fully acknowledged. So many of our students leave our program with job offers in hand; many more are in-demand and quickly find themselves employed in all levels of the North American arts culture sector.  

To help guide our students through their four years of training, we have an outstanding team of instructors, working artists, production personnel and managers who instill discipline and teach skills necessary to interpret the vision of others. By their fourth year of training, our students are encouraged to take the initiative to develop their own artistic voices in stories and ideas they wish to convey.

At the School of Performance we believe that live performance is an essential part of the human experience. The arts can provide an excellent means of exploring societal issues that intersect at local, national and global levels. The arts can also entertain.  They provoke thought and ongoing discussion. The human factor in the arts and the exploration of universal themes large and small brings us together as a community.  

The complexity, diversity and creativity of the arts often engage performing artists in bold and transformational ways. The partnerships and networks that begin during the four years of training can last a lifetime.

Thank you for joining us!

Dr. Peggy Shannon
Chair, School of Performance
Ryerson University